In August we were able to see God Work in so many ways that we will do our best to fit it into this letter. First off we had a great month of Deputation with meetings in GA, IN, & IA. We also heard from 5 New Supporting Churches this month which is great momentum going into this fall Missions Conference season.

This month we also saw God do something miraculous and very special for us. We were able to sell our home here in GA under some pretty amazing circumstances. God sent a buyer through a man I used to be a Firefighter with. Just in casual conversation about us moving he said he had a friend who was buying a house down the road from us & 4 days before closing the house mysteriously burned down. He said they were expecting in August so they were really looking to buy something quick. So, I reached out to his friends and they came by to look at our house. The house still needed some work to get it ready to sell so I was doing a little at a time in between meetings as we had the money, but they decided they would take it “AS IS” and we could make a deal with no real estate agents to save us both some money. Because it was their first house they even bought all our appliances so we don’t have to move them or sell them latter. God has been so good and we closed on August 31st after signing the contract only a month before. God is so good and it has been a relief to us. Now we just have to pack :)

We currently have $3,000 raised for our Language School costs. Please pray with us to be able to see the remaining $10,000 to come in quickly. If your Church would like to give toward this special cost you can send it to MWBM at the address below with a note saying “Language School”and it will be directly applied to our Language School fund.

As of September 4th we are only 3 months away from leaving for the field. We cant wait to see how much more God is going to do in Argentina. Thank you all for all your prayers and sacrificial support. We love you all.



* We heard from 5 New Supporting Churches for August

*We were able to sell our Home in GA before even putting it on the market, with no real estate agent needed.

*Received another $1,000 toward our Language School Costs

*Safety as we have traveled this past monTH.

*Great Church Squared Conference hosted by our Home Church, Heritage Baptist Church in Winder GA, with Pastor Shane Hill. we had over 65 Pastors and Church Planters attend.


*Packing to move and leave for the field

*A place to live until we leave for the field

*$10,000 more for Language School

*Remainder of our support before we leave (94days)

*Safety as we travel and van to continue working properly

*Language School Setup

SPECIAL NEWS ALERT!(in case you missed it earlier this month)

We wanted to update many of you whom we were with early on in deputation and make the official announcement about where the Lord has led our family to plant Churches following Language School.God has called us to the region of Patagonia which is located in the southern portion of Argentina & Chile. Argentine Patagonia, where we will be focusing our efforts, is made up of the five southernmost provincias (states). These provincias are Neuquén, Río Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz, and Tierra del Fuego. There are over 2 million souls living in this vastly under populated region of the world. Due to the newness of the settlement of this region there are only 6 cities that have Gospel Preaching Churches. Patagonia’s modern settlements began in the early 1900’s and have in recent years began to flourish. Patagonia is also known as “the earth’s last frontier” & “the end of the earth”. Its famous for its rugged natural beauty and scenes of majesty. But this once unsettled frontier is now home to several cities with populations over 50,000 people and those populations nearly doubling ever 10 years. The largest city in this region is Neuquén with 300,000 people and 1 Baptist Church. The 2nd Largest is Comodoro Rivadavia with 190,000 and 1 Baptist Church. We are praying about beginning to work in the 3rd largest city, San Carlos de Bariloche, with 150,000 and no Baptist Church. “Bariloche” is known as the “Gateway to Patagonia” with direct access to Buenos Aires and roads leading to every city in The Patagonian region. Please pray with us to IMPACT this unreached land for Jesus Christ.

In the upcoming days we will be making this announcement in several ways such as a logo change from “SendMe Argentina” to “Impact Patagonia” to video updates, as well as our Argentina Church Planting blog will begin to focus on the region of Patagonia. We covet your prayers as we are closing in on our Departure Date on December 4th

We will also be updating our deputation video soon so be on the look out for our new edition in the days ahead.