PATAGONIA Church Planting: Neuquén

Capital City: Neuquén Land Area: 36,324 mi² (16th of 23)

Population: 619,000

Largest Metropolitan Area: Neuquén City

Notable Cities: Neuquén, Villa La Angostura, &

San Martin de los Andes

Tourism: Skiing (winter), Hiking, Fishing, Hunting, & Archeology

Churches Planted: 3 in Provincia

Churches Needed: 31 (1 church:20,000 pop.)

Cities in Need: 30 cities over 1,000 pop. w/out the Gospel

Nuequén - is a province of Argentina, located in the west of the country, at the northern end of Patagonia. It borders Mendoza Province to the north, Rio Negro Province to the southeast, and Chile to the west. It also meets La Pampa Province at its northeast corner.

Neuquen is one of Argentina's most prosperous provinces, its estimated 47.648 billon Peso (about US$10.495 billion) economy in 2012, or, 80,566 pesos (US$17,744) per capita.

No province in Argentina, however, is as dependent on any one sector as is Neuquen's. Roughly half its output is accounted for by its mining and extractive sector, mainly on account of its massive gas and petroleum production, the most important in Argentina. That dependency is only likely to increase: development of the province's huge unconventional hydrocarbon reserves is beginning, above all in the Vaca Muerta formation.

The province generates a significant part of Patagonia's electric power through the hydroelectric plants of Piedra del Águila, El Chocón, Pichi Picún Leufú, Planicie Banderita (in the Cerros Colorados Complex), and Alicurá. The town of Arroyito hosts the only heavy water plant in the country.

Another important activity is the production of apples, pears, peaches and others, specially in the Alto Valle area, shared with Río Negro.

Please pray for the need in this province and the entire country of Argentina as there are many souls without any knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Savior.

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