In October we literally traveled from Southern Florida to New York City & back. Our month was jammed full of meetings and conferences all along the way. The Lord really blessed with 7 New Supporting Churches. We were able to once again meet so many wonderful people and be a part several great Churches.

We now are only 1 month away from leaving for the field. As part of our preparations for leaving for the field we are purchasing many of the needs we have for the field thanks to the generous love offerings God has provided us. With the help of fellow Missionary John Tinkle (Dominican Republic) who started Language School in August, we have been able to secure our apartment and many of our furnishings before we arrive. PRAISE THE LORD! We still have to get our background checks and meet with the Costa Rican Consulate to get our provisional Student Visas. If we can get them before we leave that will save us $1,000 throughout the process and keep us from having to leave the country every 90 days. We are very excited for this next step and are looking forward to a little stability once we arrive in Costa Rica. One thing deputation helps you with is that it makes you glad to live anywhere as long as you don’t have to keep traveling :) The kids are working hard to be on track for transitioning into their new school after the first of the year. Which is not easy with a full time deputation schedule and a 4 yr old brother to keep there from being any quiet time. We all are very excited to begin learning the Spanish language and have our first experience in adapting to a foreign culture. We still need about 20% of our support to start coming in to be at full support, so continue to pray that the Lord will work in hearts to decide to partner with us to reach Argentina for Christ.

We cant wait to see how much more God is going to do in Argentina. Thank you all for all your prayers and sacrificial support. We love you all.

Up Next:

We will be finishing our deputation schedule on November 18th in Murfreesboro TN. We also have meetings coming up in November in the states of Florida (2) and North Carolina.

We will finish out the month by celebrating Thanksgiving with our Home Church and Family along with our “Send Off Service” coming up on December the 2nd just before we leave.

Language School:

We currently have $4500 raise for our Language School expenses. This has been enough to register and pay for our 1st Trimester. We still need to raise the remaining $8500 to cover the rest of Language School for Cassandra and I. Please pray and consider to give to this fund which will save us money by paying up front and will offset our monthly expenses during our time in Language School.

Special News: Health

As many of you may know from our Social media posts this month. The Doctors found a 5cm (2in.) solid mass on Raleigh Thyroid in his neck. We are praying that the Lord will allow it to not be cancerous and to have it removed before we leave next month. Please pray with us that there will be a cancelation with the surgeon that we can fill in between meetings.

Support Info:

Macedonia World Baptist Missions

P.O. Box 519

Braselton, GA 30517

visit us online @