April was a very different kind of month for us. We completed our first trimester of Language School and most of the rest of the month was school break before and after Holy Week, which is a very big deal here in Latin America. We mostly stayed at home trying to help teach our kids the Spanish we’ve learned over the last 4 months and caught up on some family time that we didn’t get during School. The kids started back to school on May 2nd which is nice for Cassie and I to study with some quiet :), we start back on May 8th. This month we also had 2 New Supporting Churches send in which is a much needed blessing with our school cost increasing. We also schedule 5 more meetings for our few months in the states to raise funds for our 1st Church Plant in Bariloche Argentina.

In just 2.5 weeks now we leave for our CHURCH PLANT SURVEY TRIP to Bariloche. This will be a very important trip with my Pastor, Shane Hill, my Argentine friend/Co-laborer, Jeronimo, to see where in the city God would have us to start our first of many Churches. As well as where we might live and what we will need to live in this unique climate and landscape. We will also be nailing down our financial needs for our SetUp Fund & Church Start Up Costs. Please pray for us as well spend a lot of time traveling and have a very busy schedule in Bariloche.

May 21st San Jose to Buenos Aires

May 22nd Buenos Aires to Bariloche, get settled at hotel and visit downtown

May 23-25th Survey the 30 of the 64 barrios (neighborhoods) in Greater Bariloche

May 26th Visit a Church in the area, between services fly back Buenos Aires. Visit Faith

Baptist Church with Veteran Missionary Patrick Henry in Lanus, Buenos Aires.

May 27th Spend time with Veteran Missionaries Patrick Henry and Jason King in Buenos


May 28th Buenos Aires to San Jose

We will also be arriving at the beginning of winter so also pray for some ‘good’ weather.

Thank you all for all your prayers and sacrificial support. We love you all.

Up Next:

May 21st-28th - New Life Baptist Church Plant Survey Trip. Bariloche, Argentina.

January - April 2020 - Brief furlough to raise Church Planting and relocation funds, & to obtain visas for our family.

May 2020 - SetUp in Patagonia and prepare to begin New Life Baptist Church. (Summer of 2020)

Prayer Request:

Survey Trip- Safety & wisdom

Housing Opportunity in Bariloche

New Supporting Churches

SetUp Fund & StartUp Costs for our move to Argentina & our first Church Plant in 2020 ($50k+)

Special News:

We begin our 2nd Trimester of Language School May 8th.

We will also be adding some extra tutoring to increase our Language learning while we are here for both us and the kids.