April has allowed us to be in 5 more churches for scheduled meetings, 4 of which were Missions Conferences. We have had meetings in LA, GA, MS, MI, & OH. This month we were blessed to hear from 2 New Supporting Churches bringing our support up to 63% of our needed support.

In May will be in meetings CA, GA, MO, & IN for several Missions Conference. We will be staying close to GA for most of the summer as we prepare our house and property to be put on the market. Please pray the work goes smoothy and the house sells quickly.

This past month has brought no shortage of challenges and car repairs. We had to get 4 new tires due to road debris and had to

replace a Wheel Bearing and CV Axel on our van. Thank you so much for all of you who gave toward those expenses. We are so blessed by your grace and generosity.

We are currently raising money for the cost of Language School which will be $13,000. We will be leaving for Language School in Costa Rica at the end of November latter this year. It will last almost a year and we will be heading to Argentina once we complete our studies. Please continue to pray with us that the rest of our needed support will come in quickly before we leave in just over 7 months.

Thank you all who have prayed and sacrificially given that we might reach Argentina for Christ.


Buenos Aires, Argentina -

Things are not as bad as 2016, when it peaked at 47 percent, but salaries are still lagging behind rising prices.

Since taking office over two years ago, President Mauricio Macri has been struggling to tame a double-digit inflation rate inherited from the previous administration, but it has not been easy.

The government has removed subsidies on utility bills that earlier provided Argentines with cheap electricity, gas and water. The decision has had an impact on prices.

This week bakers gave away over 5,000kg of bread because they say customers cannot afford the rising bread prices any more.

"The rise in the prices affects us because it has caused a rise in the cost of making bread," Ricardo Fernandez, a bakery owner, told Al Jazeera.

"If things go on like this, then I will have to shut down.”

Unpopular measures

Macri's popularity has suffered in recent months due to some of the unpopular economic measures he has taken in the last year.

He says he is convinced he is doing the right thing for Argentina.

"It is a lie that nobody pays for the gas and electricity subsidies," Macri said in a recent video message.

"We all pay for it with inflation and debt. To pay for energy, we have to end debt ourselves - a debt our children and grandchildren will have to pay.

"The other alternative was to implement shock austerity measures. But we are chosing to be gradual in our reforms so that no Argentine is left behind."

With the new government policies, Argentina has become a darling of emerging markets.

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