February has been a very busy month. Our language learning has been growing by leaps and bounds. We are so very excited with be able to use Spanish to communicate around town and are beginning to be able to communicate well enough to invite others to church and simply share our faith in Christ alone for salvation. We have completed the first half of our first trimester and looking forward to learning so much more.

This past month has been filled with numerous everyday life events as well. On the good side Josey Played in her first soccer game & Judson had a program at school. And in other news Madison injured her leg while running & Cassandra has been having to see a Dr about some shoulder pain that has been continuing to get worse. She has some neck and back issues that she is seeing the Chiropractor for a couple of times a week. Thank you for praying both Madison and Cassandra are progressing well and getting better each week. At the end of February we had to renew our visas by leaving Costa Rica for 3 days so we travelled to Panama City, Panama. We were able to see the Panama Canal, go shopping with some US $ the kids had saved from deputation, & most importantly eat at Krispi Kreme & Dunkin Donuts.

We will be taking our Church Plant Survey Trip with our Pastor, Shane Hill, May 21st-28th. We will be identifying the area and the projected cost for planting our 1st Church. We will be planting the New Life Baptist Church in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, located in Northern Patagonia, Argentina. So continue to pray that the Lord will work in the heart of Churches & Pastors to decide to partner with us to reach Argentina for Christ.

We will be in the States from January - April of 2020. We will be raising $50K+ over the next year for our SetUp Fund & StartUp Costs needed for May 2020. If you or a Pastor friend is looking for another Missionary Family to partner with we would love to schedule a time be in a meeting or Conference to present God’s call on our lives.

Thank you all for all your prayers and sacrificial support. We love you all.

Up Next:

May 21st-28th - New Life Baptist Church Plant Survey Trip. Bariloche, Argentina

.January - April 2020 - Brief furlough to raise Church Planting and relocation funds, & to obtain visas for our family.

May 2020 - SetUp in Patagonia and prepare to begin New Life Baptist Church. (Summer of 2020)

Prayer Request:

Madison- leg injury.

Cassandra- neck & back

15 New Supporting ChurchesSetUp Fund & StartUp Costs for our move to Argentina & our first Church Plant in 2020

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