March Update

The month of February has been one of our biggest months on Deputation. In February we have been in 6 churches for scheduled meetings, 3 of which were Missions Conferences. We have had meetings in SC & GA, it was fantastic to have meetings so close to home. This month we were blessed to hear from 6 New Supporting Churches bringing our support up to 56% of our needed support.

In March will be in AL, MD, FL & NC for several meetings and 3 Missions Conferences as well as several other meetings. We will be starting on another couple of months of heavy travel until Summertime.

We are currently raising money for Part 1 of our SetUp Fund which will cover our moving expenses starting with our airfare. We have revised our travel plans to leave from Miami which will cut our airfare in half. We will be renting a large van to carry our bags down and have someone return the van to Atlanta area for us. We had $500 more given this month & are hoping to raise the remaining $2,000 needed for our tickets quickly so that we may set our exact date that we will be leaving. We are constantly working to be the best stewards of every penny of support you give. We want to put it to its best use for the Gospel Ministry in Argentina. Thank you all who have prayed and sacrificially given that we might reach Argentina for Christ.