May was a very busy month preparing for our Survey Trip to Bariloche Argentina and the surrounding area known as the Lake District of Northern Patagonia. During this trip we were able to see first hand the area to which we believe God has planned for us to begin our ministry in Patagonia Argentina. We were also introduced to several obstacles & difficulties we would face. Which led to me returning to Patagonia the following week to meet with other missionaries, as well as visit several other cities in Southern Argentina to get a greater understanding of this vast and unreached part of the world. After some time in prayer confirming what we believe to be a great blessing from God, we wanted to share with you some BIG NEWS God is allowing us to do.

In August we will be moving to Argentina early to finish our Language School. God has already provided us permanent housing beginning then. It will not only save us months of searching after we returned from the States but it also will save us over $20k in the SetUp process. The house comes mostly furnished with all the major appliances. (Not common in Argentina at all) That cuts our SetUp fund by thousands itself. Because the owner is an American we will not need to go through the usually extensive process of having a “land owning” Argentine (guaranteer) co sign with us to rent the house. Also we can stay in the house for several years and the rent will not go up. (Argentine rental agreements are for 2 years and the go up every year. Often you have to move every 2 years to be able to get a better deal on your rent) This is without a doubt a tremendous blessing from the Lord. During our time in Bariloche we will also be able to begin securing the location of the future church meeting place. Again saving months of time in our process by doing 2 things at once. Now comes the hard part.

We need to raise $25k in less than 3 months!

We will be posting all of our needs on our website including :Airfare, Used Vehicle, Furnishings (beds etc..), Deposit, & visa paperwork. If you would please pray about how you might be able to give toward these needs.

It was not part of our original plan but God has opened some unique doors to save us $20k+ & 6 months of working time by moving earlier. We are very excited about this next giant step in reaching Patagonia for Christ. We are so grateful for all of your prayers and support!

Up Next:


January - April 2020 - Brief furlough to raise Church Planting funds & to obtain visas for our family.

May 2020 - Begin New Life Baptist Church. (Summer of 2020)

Prayer Request:

SetUp Fund by August 5th

New Supporting Churches

StartUp Costs for our first Church Plant in 2020 ($10k)

Special News:

We need


SetUp Fund

for moving to Bariloche Argentina in August to finish Language School and begin preparations for New Life Baptist Church in beginning in 2020.

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