In June we had a very busy month. Full of Conferences meetings, training, & our 16th wedding anniversary. We started off the month in GA and traveled to CA for the Spiritual Leadership Conference in Lancaster CA for an amazing time of refreshing and personal revival. Maddie and I were blessed to be able to go with our Pastor and his family.

As soon as we returned it was time for our Annual Orientation, 18th-21st (Mon-Thurs) at the Macedonia World Baptist Missions headquarters in Braselton GA. On Friday, June 22nd, Cassandra and I celebrated 16 years of marriage and Cassandra spoke at a Ladies’ Meeting that evening. We finished up the month in GA and are thankful for the time to continue pack & prepare for Language School.

This month comes with some BIG NEWS! After having raised all the funds for our airfare and seeking the Lord’s face about when we believe He wants us to leave, we were able to set our leave date and purchase our tickets.


We are very excited to take this next step of faith. We have a very busy schedule between now and when we leave. We still need 30 more Supporting Churches to be at our full support by the time we depart.

Please pray with us that the Lord will work in the hearts of the Churches we have already been in, as well as the Churches we will be going to in the next couple of months. to Partner with us to reach Argentina for Christ.


NOW- Meetings until end of Nov.

DECEMBER 4TH - Leave for Language School (Spanish Language Institute) in San Jose Costa Rica.

DECEMBER 25TH - First Christmas on the Field

JANUARY 4TH - Begin 1st trimester of Language School classes, and the Kids begin 2nd semester of school at the Sojourn Academy (Bilingual Christian School) on the same campus.

MAY 6TH - Begin 2nd trimester of Language School.

AUGUST 19TH - 27TH - After 2nd Trimester take Survey Trip to Southern Argentina to begin finding housing, look for Church locations.

SEPTEMBER- 2ND - Begin final trimester of Language School and kids begin 1st semester of the new school year.

DECEMBER 13TH - Finish Language School!!!

DECEMBER 17TH - Fly back to GA to raise SetUpFund & pack for Argentina

MARCH 31ST - MOVE TO ARGENTINA (or earlier if we have already saved and raised the money to SetUp on the field approx. $40,000 including vehicle, 1st years rent, deposits, appliances, etc..)