January Update

In December we were in 5 Churches in 4 different states, GA, CO, AZ, & CA, traveling over 3,750 miles. We heard from 3 new supporting Churches and are currently at 47% of our promised support needed. It has been a great blessing for Cassie to be able spend Christmas with her family and friends in Oregon this year.

         This past year has been such an amazing blessing and journey in the faith of our family. We have had so many first adventures and memories together having started our full time deputation this year. God has granted us so many victories and successes for His glory. We have traveled over 75,000 miles, preached, and presented in 29 states and God has given us 44 supporting Churches this year to help us reach Argentina for Christ. As of the end of this year we are halfway through our deputation process. We are now looking forward to 2018 when we will be finishing up deputation and leaving for the field in the fall of this year. We have many scheduled meetings this coming year but are prayerfully filling the rest of our calendar to raise our needed support and Setup Fund before we leave by faith.

            In January we will be in several meetings in the states of WA, GA, AL, MO, & IN. Please pray for us as we will be traveling from the West Coast back home to the East Coast. Thank you for your constant prayers and support for our family as we seek to reach the world for Christ from Argentina.