God is blessing

This first half of June God has been so gracious to us & is blessing in so many ways. We have been able to report in 3 of our Partnering Churches and they have given $2000 toward our Re-entry Costs. ($1k toward our Washer & Dryer & 1k toward our luggage costs) We have also heard from one the Churches we visited before the Pandemic & they have voted to partner together with us to reach Patagonia for Christ. Praise the Lord! It has been so encouraging for us to get back on the road & share what God has done, as well as, look forward to what He is going to do once we return. We hope to be in several new Churches later this month presenting the work in Patagonia & continuing to raise new support. We now have 8 out of the 15 New Partnering Churches we have needed this furlough to commit to take us on, we only have 7 more to go.

We still need to raise $3000 for our airfare to return September 9th plus $1000 more for our luggage costs. Please pray about giving toward these necessary expendes for us to get back to work in Patagonia. Also please pray that Argentina will get through this Pandemic quickly as they are still on a very strict lockdown with many people suffering & hurting financially. We look forward to returning home and the work God has given us to do. Thank you all for your prayers and support.

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