January has been a great start to this new year. We all have been able to officially begin our Language Learning. The girls both have Spanish class where they learn Spanish as a 2nd language as well as 2 classes taught completely in Spanish. Judson’s school day is half in English and the other half in Spanish. He says “they teach me everything 2x’s”. I’m not sure if he even understands he is learning in 2 different languages. :)

Cassandra and I are now in separate classes. She is doing amazing in her phonetics and pronunciation. Although I think she has an unfair advantage linguistically by not being Southern born. We are both doing well with Spanish grammar and our vocabulary is growing daily. The best part to me is little by little being able to have more in-depth conversations with our new friends here in Costa Rica from all over Latin America. God has blessed us with friends from Argentina that are Baptist missionaries here to Costa Rica. They have helped us grow so much in the Language and in the Argentine culture. We also get together every Thursday afternoon to pray for Argentina and the work God has called us to do.

We will be taking our Church Plant Survey Trip with our Pastor, Shane Hill, May 21st-28th. We will be identifying the area and the projected cost for planting our 1st Church. We will be planting the New Life Baptist Church in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, located in Northern Patagonia, Argentina. We still need 15 -20 more supporting churches to be able to plant multiple Churches in Patagonia Argentina. So continue to pray that the Lord will work in the heart of Churches & Pastors to decide to partner with us to reach Argentina for Christ.

We will be in the States from January - April of 2020. We currently have 3 meetings scheduled but would like to schedule 20+ Meetings/Conferences if possible. We will be raising $50K+ over the next year for our SetUp Fund & StartUp Costs needed for May 2020. If you or a Pastor friend is looking for another Missionary Family to partner with we would love to schedule a time be in a meeting or Conference to present God’s call on our lives.

Thank you all for all your prayers and sacrificial support. We love you all.

Up Next:

May 21st-28th - New Life Baptist Church Plant Survey Trip. Bariloche, Argentina.

January - April 2020 - Brief furlough to raise Church Planting and relocation funds, & to obtain visas for our family.

May 2020 - SetUp in Patagonia and prepare to begin New Life Baptist Church. (Summer of 2020)

Prayer Request:

Madison has been battle with Tonsillitis but seems to be getting past it with out surgery. Please pray for her that she will completely get better and not require surgery.

15 New Supporting Churches

SetUp Fund & StartUp Costs for our move to Argentina & our first Church Plant in 2020

Special News: in 2020

New Life Baptist Church

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