December Update

   In November we were in 6 Churches in 4 different states, GA, MI, KS, & PA, traveling over 5,620 miles. We heard from 3 new supporting Churches and are currently at 44% of our promised support needed. It was great to take some time to spend with our family for Thanksgiving in between meetings this month and Thank God for how good He has been to us.

           Since we are planning to leave for the field in the FALL of 2018. We are now beginning to raise the money we need for our transition to life in Argentina. Our Set Up Fund will be broken down into 3 different sections. First is our Moving Expenses (Airfare & baggage) totaling $13,000, Second is our Housing totaling $40,000 (which includes temporary housing, 1st years lease upfront, furniture, appliances, etc…), Third is our Transportation which is $12,000. If you would like to help with our Airfare/Moving Expenses, or Set Up in Argentina we have plenty of opportunities for everyone to give and be involved. We will be highlighting each section until we have raised its needed funds then highlight the next one. The first step shown below is our Moving Expenses. Once we raise the funds for our Airfare we will be able to purchase our tickets and set an exact date for our departure. Please pray that the Lord will provide these necessary funds quickly as well as the remaining support needed to reach Argentina. 

            In December we will be in several meetings in the states of GA, CO, CA, & AZ. We will be spending this last Christmas in the States before we leave with Cassandra’s family in Oregon. Thank you for your constant prayers and support for our family as we seek to reach the world for Christ from Argentina.