Church Planting Needs in Argentina: Entré Rios

Argentina has 23 provincias (states) and one autonomous city, Buenos Aires, much like our Washington DC. We will look at each provincia and the need for church planting throughout the vast country of Argentina.

Capital City: Paraná

Land Area: 30,418 sq mi (17th of 23)

Population: 1,321,400(5th of 23)

Largest Metropolitan Area: Paraná (17th)

Notable Cities: Federación, Villa Elisa, Colón.

Churches Planted: 2 in Provincia

Churches Needed: 24 (1 church:50,000 pop.)

Church planting statistics provided by Missionary Josh Smith

Enter Rios (Between Rivers) is a central province of Argentina, located in the Mesopotamia region. It borders the provinces of Buenos Aires (south), Corrientes (north) and Santa Fe (west), and Uruguay in the east.Its capital is Paraná (250,000 inhabitants), which lies on the Paraná River, opposite the city of Santa Fe.Together with Córdoba and Santa Fe, since 1999, the province is part of the economic-political association known as the Center Region.

Entre Rios' economy is the sixth largest in Argentina.Its economy has long been more agricultural than the median in Argentina, comprising about 15% of output. Entre Rios' agricultural products include rice (60% of the national production), soybeans, wheat, maize, and citrus of which it is the second biggest producer, and exporting 16% of the production mainly to Europe. Livestock production focuses on cattle (4.5 million head), and in sheep production in a decreasing proportion, covering 60,000 km². The dairy industry, currently in expansion, produces almost 250 thousand tons per year of dairy products.

The province makes up 2% of the countries population, and has the 5th largest Church Planting need in the country. Please pray for the need in this province and the entire country of Argentina as there are many souls without any knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Savior.