Wow! There is no other way to describe our month of July. We have ridden the roller coaster of highs & lows. First, after receiving enough money in June for all our travel needs we were able to purchase our tickets to move to Bariloche Argentina a few weeks early to save a significant amount of money. So then we spent most of the month packing and preparing while finishing school & tutoring.

Then, after our 35.5 hr trip on July 22nd we arrived in Bariloche with our 20+ bags and grabbed a taxi (van) to our temporary house. That, unknown to us, had a roof leak and mold on the walls, because of some damage from the snow storm. So after a night there we had to move the next morning to a better place and quickly, because that afternoon I had to leave Cassandra & the girls in Bariloche while I flew Buenos Aires to sign the contract for our future house. God provided us with a great apartment for a few days & a great friend to help us move.

After that we found a house to stay in for a week and are now settled in a house for the whole month of August. We were originally supposed to be moving into our house on August 1st but the current tenants ran into some delays finishing their new house which backs us up until September 1st. So to say it has been eventful may be an understatement. The whole family has worked hard and rolled with the punches well. We are so excited to be here and begin our life & ministry in this amazing place with such amazing people.

We still need to raise $14k more including our Ministry Vehicle costs! If you would please pray about how you might be able to give toward these needs. We are so grateful for all of your prayers and support!

Up Next:

January - April 2020 - Brief furlough to raise Church Planting funds & to obtain visas for our family

Impact Patagonia News:

God has been so amazing to us but especially the last few weeks. This week we had our first Bible Study for the New Life Baptist Church in Dina Huapi. God connected us with a family that has been praying for God to send someone to start a Baptist Church in their area for almost 3 years. During that time God has burden this young man for the ministry. We are looking forward to working together with this family and others to Plant Churches in this region for years to come.

Prayer Request:

$8,700 more for Ministry Vehicle

New Supporting Churches

StartUp Costs for our first Church Plant in 2020 ($10k)

Support Address:

Macedonia World Baptist Missions

P.O. Box 519 Braselton, GA 30517

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