Argentina has 23 provincias (states) and one autonomous city, Buenos Aires, much like our Washington DC. Over the next several months we will look at each provincia and the need for church planting throughout the vast country of Argentina.

Capital City: San Miguel de Tucumán

Land Area: 8,697 mi² (22nd of 23)

Population: 1.5 Million (6th of 23)

Largest Metropolitan Area: San Miguel de Tucumán- million (st)

Notable Cities: San Miguel de Tucumán

Churches Planted: 10 in Provincia

Churches Needed: 22 (1 church:50,000 pop.)

Tucumán: (Spanish pronunciation: [tukuˈman]) is located in the northwest of the country, the province has the capital of San Miguel de Tucumán, often shortened to Tucumán. It is nicknamed El Jardín de la República (The Garden of the Republic), as it is a highly productive agricultural area.

Long among the most underdeveloped Argentine provinces, Tucumán Province has been growing strongly, and, in 2006, its economy reached US$7.2 billion (which shall be around US$11 billion in 2011, according to Argentina's economic growth), the nation's seventh largest. Its per capita output of US$5,400 was nearly 40% below the national average, but compares favourably with that of most of its neighbors. In 2012, the per capita income of the province is of 8,000 dollars

Known internationally for its prodigious sugarcane (with 2,300 km², and the sugar production, 60% of the country's), Tucumán's economy is quite diversified, and agriculture accounts for about 7% of output. After the sugar crisis of the 1960s, Tucumán tried to diversify its crops, and now cultivates, among others, lemons (world first producer), strawberries, kiwifruit, beans, maize, alfalfa, and soybeans.

The province makes up 3% of the countries population. It is the most densely populated, and the smallest by land area, of the provinces of Argentina. Please pray for the need in this province and the entire country of Argentina as there are many souls without any knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Savior.

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