Argentina: Santa Fe

Capital City: Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz

Land Area: 51,354 sq mi (10th of 23)

Population: 3,194,537 (3rd of 23)

Largest Metropolitan Area: Rosario (3rd)

Notable Cities: Rosario, Santa Fe, & Rafaela

Churches Planted: 2 in Provincia

Churches Needed: 66 (1 ch:50,000 pop.)

Church planting statistics provided by

Missionary Josh Smith.

The Province of Santa Fe (Spanish: Provincia de Santa Fe, Spanish pronunciation: [ˈsanta ˈfe]) is a province of Argentina, located in the center-east of the country. Neighboring provinces are from the north clockwise Chaco (divided by the 28th parallel south), Corrientes, Entre Ríos, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, and Santiago del Estero. Together with Córdoba and Entre Ríos, the province is part of the economico-political association known as the Center Region.

Santa Fe's most important cities are Rosario (population 1,193,605), the capital Santa Fe (369,000), Rafaela (100,000), Villa Gobernador Gálvez (74,000), Venado Tuerto (69,000), Reconquista (66,000), and Santo Tomé (58,000). The adult literacy rate in the province is 96.3%

The province makes up 8% of the countries population, and has the 2nd largest Church Planting need in the country. Please pray for the need in this province and the entire country of Argentina as there are many souls without any knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Savior.