March has been another busy month. We will be finishing up our first trimester of Language School at the first of April, which means we have been taking a lot of exams. We have also received our evaluations for our progress over the last 3.5 months and we are very thankful for the results, and the growth we have seen while in Language School.

This is only the beginning of our Language journey which will last a lifetime. The first phases of growth come quickly as you learn new words, but now comes the hard part of learning how to use them properly. Please continue to pray for us as we will be continuing extra classes over the school 3 week break between trimesters.

Our Church Plant Survey Trip, May 21st-28th, is almost here. We will be identifying the area and the projected cost for planting our 1st Church. God has given us an Argentine man, named Jeronimo, living here in Costa Rica to come help us plant our first Church in Bariloche. He will be coming with us on our survey trip and helping us with the logistics and research for our ministry in Patagonia.

We will be in the States from January - April of 2020. We will be raising $50K+ over the next year for our SetUp Fund & StartUp Costs needed for May 2020. I will begin calling & scheduling starting mid April 2019. If you or a Pastor friend is looking for another Missionary Family to partner with we would love to schedule a time be in a meeting or Conference to present God’s call on our lives.

Thank you all for all your prayers and sacrificial support. We love you all.

Up Next:

May 21st-28th - New Life Baptist Church Plant Survey Trip. Bariloche, Argentina.

January - April 2020 - Brief furlough to raise Church Planting and relocation funds, & to obtain visas for our family.

May 2020 - SetUp in Patagonia and prepare to begin New Life Baptist Church. (Summer of 2020)

Prayer Request:

Cassandra- recovery from Oral Surgery

New Supporting Churches

SetUp Fund & StartUp Costs for our move to Argentina & our first Church Plant in 2020 ($50k+)