Argentina: Driving

I think one of my favorite parts about visiting any South American country is the driving. Being born and raised in the Atlanta area I’ve grown accustomed to lots of traffic at high speeds. But Buenos Aires takes it to a whole new level. It is a regular accurance to see 3 lanes of traffic painted on the road and have 5 cars wide driving on the street from wall to wall, then add in the motorcycles weaving in and out of the lanes of cars, and for a bonus you throw in the largest amount of busses I’ve ever seen. FYI: The busses don’t care about you in a car, on a motorcycle, on a bike, or walking across the street. It is not necessarily a game of skill that helps you navigate this metropolis but more a game of bravery. I liken it to a large game of chicken in which he who has the most courage, or cares least about their car, wins. Driving in BA is not for the faint at heart but I believe, and most who have ever ridden with me, that God has prepared me for this my whole life. Mrs. Cassandra on the other request your prayers :) We can’t wait to get back to Argentina permanently so that we may reach the world to Christ from our Argentina.

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