Argentina:The Cities

Each of the wonderful cities we visited in Argentina had their very own personality but all shared some very similar features. Usually in the U.S. our cities have one downtown area which may or may not be the kind of place you want to spend your time. Also in our culture the most desirable places to live are in the suburbs. In Argentina the culture is very different. Each of the cities has a designated downtown area but in contrast to the US they are the nicest parts of town. The city center is where you usually find all your nicest stores, resturaunts, and most of your places of business. The downtown area is also the most policed and secure areas the city. In Latin American cities the most desired places to live is in the downtown area not in the outer edges like we are used to. The beauty of each city is found in the many plazas (parks), and the neighborhood feel you get every few blocks, but I'll write about that next time.

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