Bald Tires and Road Trips

We took off for Virginia on Tuesday morning for our meeting there on Tuesday night. We arrived to a great international dinner and an amazing newly remodeled prophet's chamber. We had a great meeting that night and went to bed after ice cream with Pastor & Mrs. Warren. The next morning Pastor warren sent us to get breakfast as a family. (What a blessing). Afterward we came back to say our goodbyes and Pastor Warren began to make fun of my "thinning" tires. We got in the car to go see Washington DC for the afternoon and that is when the "BIG" blessings started.  Pastor Warren called me a few minutes down the road and said they wanted to put us up for another night and put 4 new tires on our van. I realize that may not do much for you, but for us living by faith on deputation we about lost it thanking God for His goodness. We could never tell in enough words how grateful we are to everyone of you who have graciously and sacrificially given to our family. We are so blessed and so unworthy. Thank you for letting us represent you in the harvest field of Argentina.

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