Life in Transition (Part 2)

2. Plan Ahead

"A dream without a plan is just a wish"

As a rather driven person I have found the best way to be effective and not be doing enormous amounts of useless work is to have a plan. I am not much for wasted effort. I loved to feel accomplished at the end of the day, but that is not the most important reason to have a plan. I have also learned in work, and in life, a plan is important for everyone to know where you are going as a team. Many of us have the ability to just wing it, but that doesn't mean everyone around us does. Nor do they have the abilities to read your mind and just innately know where you are going and what you are doing. We can always do things easier by ourselves but then you never bring anyone along and in the end are less effective. Jesus took time to teach and train His disciples not because He needed them, but so that they might continue the work long after He was gone.

As this relates to our family in transition. Without a plan I just might be doing by myself. I will be hearing all the time "Dad, what are we doing next?", "Honey, what can I do to help" or "just let me know when you want me to do something" . I have just found to take away the questions and fears up front with a plan sure makes everything in life so much smoother. I believe the work God has called us to do is worthy of the time to put in a little preparation before we begin. Remember, the best plan is rendered completely ineffective without action.God left us a plan to do His work, "Go ye therefore", how are we doing with it?

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