Life in Transition (Part 1)

As we are transitioning from our "normal " lives into beginning deputation there is much juggling that must take place. We are no strangers to change . Throughout our ministry we have been Church Planter, Assistant Pastor, Pastor, back to Assistant Pastor. I have been part time , full time, and no time(pay), when needed. Juggling multiple jobs while serving the Lord has definitely helped prepare us for this time as much is possible. Here are some lessons I've learned in the past that have been a great help to me as we transition from life as we knew it to full time deputation and Foreign Missions. 1. Be Flexible

I've noticed that most people like to have a routine. We often reject change because change means effort. If everything stays the same then we know what to expect, whether good or bad. What most people don't like is facing the unknown. I have found when it comes to change and transition is best to be flexible. When the winds blow strong the trees that have the ability to bend are the ones that remain standing. I don't mean bend in your Bible or your doctrine, but I do mean your rigid personality and selfish desires of having it your way. Change is often hard on the whole family, men are often under the stress of decisions and leadership, wives and mothers are under the stress of not knowing how this change will effect their family, and children are going fear losing everything they know. As leaders and parents we will set the tone for the whole family. Make everything fun and let the darts of Satan be quenched in faith and roll off of you like water on a duck's back. You can be flexible because "greater is He that is in you" and "it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure."

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