"Hurry Up! & Wait"

My dad has always said in the Army the moto is really " Hurry Up! & Wait". I'm not sure anybody loves waiting. I certianly am not naturally a patient person, but I've learned the best way to wait is to prepare for the next step. As we awaiting the official start of deputation in January 2017 we have been busy with designing prayer cards, developing our call lists, building our website, printing business cards, laboring in cultural studies, etc..., but my favorite part has been our missions classes we attend every week. God has used this time to teach me so much about discipleship and having a sending ministry. There will be plenty of time for the great work God has called us to in Argentina, but for now I am loving these days of training my replacements in my local church, studying the Word of God, and growing as a man of God. Waiting does not always have to be such a negative drudgery. It can be, with the right perspective, the greatest time of growth and grace we get to experience as Christians be prepared for the work of the Lord.

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